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You are not increasing your staffing to handle the ever-increasing time-intensive process of verifying that suppliers correctly invoice you for materials and services.  You have noticed that the internal processes of approving vendor payments have become more difficult and tedious as contracts between operators and suppliers have become more complex.  Alliance arrangements, global pricing and discounting, changes to the level of detail provided, electronic invoicing, elimination of daily work tickets, changes to payment terms, and incentive provisions based on safety and performance metrics are some of the reasons why you are spending more time reviewing and processing each invoice.  But you are still not comfortable that the proper amounts are being paid to vendors.
By using MartiCons’ expertise, however, you can be sure that you are not paying more than you are contractually obligated to pay.  We have extensive experience in identifying improper costs billed under vendor contracts, from the basic to those based on alliances, multi-year incentives, and global contracts.  We know where to look for overcharges and have had outstanding success obtaining refunds and ensuring procedures are established to prevent future overcharges.  And, we understand the sensitive nature of many vendor reviews, so you can be assured that our industry-acknowledged professionalism will result in fair and ethical reviews