The oil and gas consulting company


Ensuring that you are paid correctly for your working, net profits, royalty, or overriding royalty interest, or that you are credited for the correct volumes of oil and gas, is one of your most important priorities.  These types of reviews are often difficult, requiring specific expertise and experience to understand oftentimes tedious and complicated contract provisions.  We have analyzed many types of arrangements from the most basic to the most complicated, so we know what to look for and are not intimidated by complex contract provisions.  We have made significant recoveries for a range of interests and entities:  

  • Royalties and overriding royalties owed to individuals
  • Revenues and volumes owed to working interest owners
  • Payout calculations
  • Net Profits provisions and calculations
  • Gas plant proceeds and volumes
  • Proceeds owed to bank trust departments
  • Royalties owed to state and Federal governments
  • Processing and handling fees and volumetric calculations
  • Volumetric and monetary gas balancing