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Joint Venture - General

Just as fast as the oil and gas industry has rapidly developed large-scale unconventional operations, MartiCons has been on the cutting edge for adapting to how joint venture reviews are conducted, resulting in being able to effectively and efficiently review large scale operations and expenditures.  We have performed thousands of joint venture contract compliance reviews and tailor our staff for each review to the specific needs of each project, providing unsurpassed, consistent, and informed results. 


Operational and accounting dynamics can greatly vary between the various domestic basins and shale plays.  Over the course of thousands of reviews, our team has developed a deep understanding of operations ranging from a single-well vertical to the complex development and operation of thousand-well shale plays.  In addition, we have an advanced understanding of the wide variety of agreements in effect, from the most basic model form to the hundreds-of-pages-long complex agreements with new and unique provisions. 

Offshore and Deepwater

Offshore operations are not just a concept to the MartiCons team; our folks have direct and hands-on experience that is invaluable to understand offshore operations.  An effective review is predicated on being able to understand the operational and accounting dynamics of boats and helicopters, labor allocations, rig moves, and shorebase allocations; the MartiCons team has that requisite understanding.

Our team also has extensive deepwater experience, including participating in the development of the industry's model form accounting procedures.  As the complex deepwater issues have arisen in the industry over the years, MartiCons has provided input to the industry from a Non-Operator and contract compliance standpoint, with the viewpoint not only of equity, but of ensuring the operator's ability to properly account for operations and the non-operators ability to be able to efficiently review costs charged.