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Contract Compliance

Joint Venture - General

Just as fast as the oil and gas industry has rapidly developed large-scale unconventional operations, MartiCons has been on the cutting edge for adapting to how joint venture reviews are conducted, resulting in being able to effectively and efficiently review large scale operations and expenditures.  We have performed thousands of joint venture contract compliance reviews and tailor our staff for each review to the specific needs of each project, providing unsurpassed, consistent, and informed results. 


Operational and accounting dynamics can greatly vary between the various domestic basins and shale plays.  Over the course of thousands of reviews, our team has developed a deep understanding of operations ranging from a single-well vertical to the complex development and operation of thousand-well shale plays.  In addition, we have an advanced understanding of the wide variety of agreements in effect, from the most basic model form to the hundreds-of-pages-long complex agreements with new and unique provisions. 

Offshore and Deepwater

Offshore operations are not just a concept to the MartiCons team; our folks have direct and hands-on experience that is invaluable to understand offshore operations.  An effective review is predicated on being able to understand the operational and accounting dynamics of boats and helicopters, labor allocations, rig moves, and shorebase allocations; the MartiCons team has that requisite understanding.

Our team also has extensive deepwater experience, including participating in the development of the industry's model form accounting procedures.  As the complex deepwater issues have arisen in the industry over the years, MartiCons has provided input to the industry from a Non-Operator and contract compliance standpoint, with the viewpoint not only of equity, but of ensuring the operator's ability to properly account for operations and the non-operators ability to be able to efficiently review costs charged.


Ensuring that you are paid correctly for your working, net profits, royalty, or overriding royalty interest, or that you are credited for the correct volumes of oil and gas, is one of your most important priorities.  These types of reviews are often difficult, requiring specific expertise and experience to understand oftentimes tedious and complicated contract provisions.  We have analyzed many types of arrangements from the most basic to the most complicated, so we know what to look for and are not intimidated by complex contract provisions.  We have made significant recoveries for a range of interests and entities:  

  • Royalties and overriding royalties owed to individuals
  • Revenues and volumes owed to working interest owners
  • Payout calculations
  • Net Profits provisions and calculations
  • Gas plant proceeds and volumes
  • Proceeds owed to bank trust departments
  • Royalties owed to state and Federal governments
  • Processing and handling fees and volumetric calculations
  • Volumetric and monetary gas balancing


You are not increasing your staffing to handle the ever-increasing time-intensive process of verifying that suppliers correctly invoice you for materials and services.  You have noticed that the internal processes of approving vendor payments have become more difficult and tedious as contracts between operators and suppliers have become more complex.  Alliance arrangements, global pricing and discounting, changes to the level of detail provided, electronic invoicing, elimination of daily work tickets, changes to payment terms, and incentive provisions based on safety and performance metrics are some of the reasons why you are spending more time reviewing and processing each invoice.  But you are still not comfortable that the proper amounts are being paid to vendors.
By using MartiCons’ expertise, however, you can be sure that you are not paying more than you are contractually obligated to pay.  We have extensive experience in identifying improper costs billed under vendor contracts, from the basic to those based on alliances, multi-year incentives, and global contracts.  We know where to look for overcharges and have had outstanding success obtaining refunds and ensuring procedures are established to prevent future overcharges.  And, we understand the sensitive nature of many vendor reviews, so you can be assured that our industry-acknowledged professionalism will result in fair and ethical reviews


Midstream companies contracting for the construction of pipelines, facilities, and plants have relied on MartiCons for many years to conduct thorough and professional reviews of all types of construction projects.  Upstream operators know they can count on us to analyze platform and facilities construction costs with the same level of detail and expertise as they receive on joint venture and revenue reviews.  These firms realize that oil and gas-related reviews are all MartiCons does, so we have been able to develop an unsurpassed expertise in understanding the operational and logistical aspects of construction projects and the terminologies used in our industry.
Combine that industry knowledge with our experience in contract and vendor compliance reviews, it is no wonder that companies remain confident that MartiCons will continue to deliver outstanding results in reviews of major construction projects.  You can become more comfortable with your project costs by contacting MartiCons and discussing a review of your construction project.

Gas Plant

Settlement to producers for processing gas is a complex arrangement.  Whether you are an interest owner in the plant or simply have your gas processed for a fee, MartiCons can maximize your revenue through a thorough and complete analysis of processing and allocation procedures used by a plant operator.  We will ensure that all deductions for fuel, flare, and shrinkage due to extraction of liquids, comply with the terms of your processing agreement, as does the operator’s basis for allocating recovered natural gas liquids and residue gas.
Many factors are involved in the determination of a fair share of liquids contained in an owner's gas and the allocation of extracted liquids, and MartiCons has encountered and effectively dealt with all of them.  Through the application of our contractual and operational knowledge and experience, we can ensure that you receive the natural gas liquids and residue gas to which you are entitled.  If you don’t take action, will you even know if the plant operator is retaining natural gas liquids and residue gas to which you are entitled?


With the complexities and intricacies of today’s lease agreements, it can be very difficult for Operators to correctly account for revenue payments to royalty owners, especially when the lease agreements have differing valuation and volume clauses then the typical Joint Operating Agreements.  MartiCons has represented royalty owners ranging from entire states and large trusts, to small farmers and everything in between.
If you feel like you are in the dark regarding your royalty payments or just have some simple “industry standard” questions, Marticons can help whether it is a desk review of lease agreements and royalty payments to determine if exposures of incorrect payments exist or an extensive review of an Operator’s allocations of large fields or gathering systems.
Royalty reviews focusing on volumes, pricing, appropriate deductions, allocations, and distributions to ensure they are in compliance with lease provisions.


The differences between domestic and international agreements are significant, requiring experience and expertise to understand the additional and unique complexities.  Reviews of international projects require a thorough understanding of the relationships of the parties and the unique terminologies and provisions contained in international accounting procedures.  MartiCons has analyzed a wide variety of agreements and developed the experience necessary to protect your interests by leading or assisting in more than a dozen international audits in Norway, Brazil, Australia, Egypt, Vietnam, Indonesia, Barbados, and Canada, with many projects involving foreign governments as a party to the agreements.  Our passports are ready and our immunizations current; the MartiCons staff is ready to show you that our expertise and resources allow us to deliver unmatched results on your international reviews.